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  It's better to forfeit moments of your life

than to forfeit your life in a moment.  

Intentional or unintentional speeding can result in costly outcome.    SpeedWatcher   is the answer.  

Attention drivers!
Solve your speeding problems once and for all!



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Attention parents!
Give your teenage drivers a simple, effective driving safety reminder!

SpeedWatcher GI & GX

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Avoid the consequences of speeding: costly speeding tickets, suspended drivers licenses,
and needless injuries and fatalities.
The SpeedWatcher is the ultimate solution to help rebuild and reinforce safe driving habits.
It acts like a watchful co-pilot and warns you every time you are driving faster than you should be.
The SpeedWatcher is simple, reliable, and easy to use.  And, it requires no installation!
The device is independent of the vehicle's make and model.
Plug-n-Play! Just plug the SpeedWatcher in to the car's cigarette lighter!

SpeedWatcher GI

SpeedWatcher GX

The world's first GPS based
Vehicle Speeding Alarm.

The world's first GPS based
Speed Activated Switch.

SpeedWatcher GI vs. SpeedWatcher GX

The differences between SpeedWatcher GI and SpeedWatcher GX are in the type of output the device provides.

  • The SpeedWatcher GI has Internal built-in light and sound alarm.
  • The SpeedWatcher GX has an internal light and provides an additional connection to energize external devices such as relay, horn, flashing lights, etc.

How Does it Work?

  • This device allows you to set a chosen speed limit.
  • You key this limit into the device by pressing the proper buttons.
  • The SpeedWatcher will flash and sound an alarm any time you drive faster than the speed limit that you have set.
  • The alarm remains on for as long as you are exceeding the set limit.
  • Once you reduce your speed below the set limit, the alarm will stop.
  • For better understanding of how it works please download and run the SpeedWatcher Simulator.

Features and Functions:

  • Easy installation - plugs into the vehicle Cigarette Lighter
  • Current Speed Display
  • Compass Display
  • Set Speed Limit Display
  • Displays Miles per Hour or Kilometer per Hour
  • Convenient way of changing the speed limit setting (Up / Down PBS)
  • Speed Limit set in increments of 5 miles per hour
  • An over the Speed Limit Offset of 0 to 4 miles per hour
  • Alarm is ON while the vehicle is over the set speed limit
  • The alarm feature uses Sound and Light
  • Lock-out combination to prevent tampering with the unit settings. (using this feature requires hard-wiring the unit)
  • Output for activating external devices such as flashing lights, horn, etc.

Product Highlights

  • You can change your "speed limit" setting as often as you like by pressing the proper button!
  • Best of all, the SpeedWatcher comes with a "lock out" feature that makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with the settings.
  • Parents can make use of this lock out feature to prevent their teenage drivers from changing or deactivating the settings.
  • The SpeedWatcher is the only device on the market that combines GPS technology, a speeding alarm, and a lock out feature.
  • Not only does the SpeedWatcher display current speed, it also displays travelling direction such as north, northeast, east, etc.)
  • The SpeedWatcher helps avoid Speeding Tickets and it Saves Lives!
  • Discourage your teenagers from speeding with the SpeedWatcher

Customer Product Reviews

Product Specifications

Operating Voltage:

+8.8VDC to +16VDC

Absolute Maximum Rating:


Over Voltage:


Reverse Voltage:


Power Consumption:


Size: (W, H, L) (In/mm)

3.3, 4.3, 1.75 / 82, 110, 44


8 oz. / 228gr.


Molded ABS

Operating Temp.:

-38C to +68C / -36F to +155F

Storage Temp.:

-48C to +85C / -55F to +185F


5% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

Adjustable Speed Limit:

5 - 99 MPH / 5 - 199 KPH

Velocity / Speed:

        Display Resolution:



< +/- 0.1%

Heading / Compass:

        Display Resolution:

45 Deg.


< +/- 0.1%

Amazing product, fantastic company to work with.

David H. | Ashburton, Australia

I ordered the SpeedWatcher GI on Thursday and by the following Thursday I was already cruising with it.

Kelly L. | Margate, Kent, United Kingdom

What a great product. I highly recommend it for those who have gotten too many speeding tickets. I was impressed on how easy it was to use.

Margaret J. | Belmont, Massachusetts, USA

Rx4Speeding has a great product and their customer service staff was very helpful.

Michael S. | Anchorage, Alaska, USA

I purchased one for my wife who drives over the speed limit. It has really curbed her speed now that she is reminded by the alarm. Thanks.

Boris A. | Buenos Aires, Argentina
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