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  It's better to forfeit moments of your life

than to forfeit your life in a moment.  

Intentional or unintentional speeding can result in costly outcome.    SpeedWatcher   is the answer.  

It's better to forfeit moments of your life than to forfeit your life in a moment.

The Difficult we do right away
The Impossible takes a little longer.

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35 Years of Excellence

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S. Talmor President
L. Stambler Vice President

Digitalmor, formerly known as American Communication & Control, was established in 1983. Digitalmor holds several U.S. Patents in Electronics, Image Processing and Telephony. Digitalmor specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of the following products:

Hardware - VSA-Vehicle Speed Alarm, GPS powered VSA, SAS-Speed Activated Switch, GPS powered SAS, GPS powered Vehicle Tracking System, GPS Heading Display - Motion Compass, Remote Monitoring & Control Systems, Telephone Line Controllers, Line in Use Detectors (Sentinels) and Programmable Dark Room Timers.

Software / Firmware - GPS based Speed Activated Switch, GPS based Vehicle Tracking System, GPS based Vehicle Speed Alarm, GPS based Heading Display - Motion Compass, Diverter's Database System and VisiCon - Universal Units Converter.

Research and Development - The R&D Division of DIGITALMOR specializes in the design and development of high tech custom solutions. For details about the terms and conditions of our contract work, please Contact Us

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