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  It's better to forfeit moments of your life

than to forfeit your life in a moment.  

Intentional or unintentional speeding can result in costly outcome.    SpeedWatcher   is the answer.  




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  1. SpeedWatcher 2011 User Instructions
            Flowchart, detail description of all functions
  2. SpeedWatcher 2011 Short Form Instructions
            Table, description of all functions
  3. Installation Instructions SpeedWatcher GX
            Installation Instructions SpeedWatcher GX
  4. Installation Operating Instructions VSA
            Installation Operating Instructions VSA
  5. SpeedWatcher 2010 Operating Instructions
            SpeedWatcher 2010 Operating Instructions
  6. Supplemental Installation Instructions GX
            Supplemental Installation Instructions GX
  7. Supplemental Installation Instructions SAS
            Supplemental Installation Instructions SAS
  8. Supplemental Installation Instructions VI
            Supplemental Installation Instructions VI


  1. SpeedWatcher Simulator
            SpeedWatcher Simulator
  2. Vehicle Speeding Alarm Simulator
            Vehicle Speeding Alarm Simulator


  1. VisiUcon
            Visual Unit Converter (comming Soon)
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