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  It's better to forfeit moments of your life

than to forfeit your life in a moment.  

Intentional or unintentional speeding can result in costly outcome.    SpeedWatcher   is the answer.  

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SpeedWatcher GI & GX
The SpeedWatcher keeps track of your speed while you are preoccupied with getting to work on time, getting the kids to their activities, or doing some other important errands.
Plug-n-Play! Just plug the SpeedWatcher in to the car's cigarette lighter!

2. Vehicle Speeding Alarm

SpeedWatcher VI & VX
Buy one now and avoid paying a bigger price on the road! Save lives, time and money! You never know when it will be your turn to help the highway patrol meet their monthly ticket quota!
This model needs to be connected to the VSS.

3. VSA - Vehicle Speeding Alarm

VSA - Vehicle Speeding Alarm
This simple device can save you from being pulled over and ticketed for speeding. Save time, money, headaches, and lives by using the VSA. The VSA is our original analog Speeding Alarm, sold throughout the world to individuals and fleets since 2002.
This model Requires VSS connection.

4. SAS - Speed Activated Switch

SAS - Speed Activated Switch
The SAS is a version of the VSA with an added function of activating external components such as a relay, flashing light, sound device etc..
This model needs to be connected to the VSS.

5. SMT - Supplemental Monetary Transfer

SMT - Supplemental Monetary Transfer
Item No. 718-SMT
       Use ONLY as directed by Rx4Speeding member.

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