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  It's better to forfeit moments of your life

than to forfeit your life in a moment.  

Intentional or unintentional speeding can result in costly outcome.    SpeedWatcher   is the answer.  

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Vehicle Speeding Alarm

The Vehicle Speeding Alarm alerts you (with audio-visual alarm) while the vehicle is at or above your set speed. The alarm will not shut off until you reduce your speed to the selected setting. It may be an annoying way to get your attention but it is far less annoying than being stopped for speeding and paying expensive fines.
The Vehicle Speeding Alarm is a rugged device - reliable and accurate. It can be installed in minutes in any domestic or foreign make and model car.
The Vehicle Speeding Alarm measures 3" X 2" X 1" and can be dashboard mounted directly in front of the driver. With an adjustable threshold the VSA can be set to any speed - even as low as 10 MPH -- and will warn you instantly anytime you exceed that speed.

Vehicle Speeding Alarm 12V

Vehicle Speeding Alarm 24V

Our legacy Vehicle Speeding Alarm has been
sold around the world for the past five years.

The 24 volt model has been designed
for use on trucks and buses.



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VSA Rx318-07 vs. VSA Rx318-27

The differences between the Rx318-07 and Rx318-27 models of the Vehicle Speeding Alarm are in the typical operating voltage, the operating voltage range and the absolute maximum voltage rating of the devices.

How Does it Work?

  • This device allows you to set a chosen speed limit.
  • You set this limit by a simple to use, single-turn knob.
  • The Vehicle Speeding Alarm will flash and sound an alarm any time you drive faster than the speed limit that you have set.
  • The alarm remains on for as long as you are exceeding the set limit.
  • Once you reduce your speed below the set limit, the alarm will stop.
  • For better understanding of how it works please download and run the VSA Simulator.

Features and Functions:

  • Small and attractive.
  • Simple to use - one single turn knob.
  • Turns on simultaneously with car ignition.
  • Ultra-Bright Red LED - 6600MC @ 15 deg.
  • Piezo alarm with 85db sound pressure.
  • Quick installation - takes less than 15 minutes to a mechanic.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions - for Do-It-Yourself customers.
  • Lock-out combination to prevent tampering with the unit settings. (using this feature requires hard-wiring the unit).
  • No batteries required.

Product Highlights

  • You can change your "speed limit" setting as often as you like by turning the knob!
  • The Vehicle Speeding Alarm is inexpensive way to curb your unintentional speeding.
  • The VSA318-07 is the most cost effective Vehicle Speeding Alarm on the market.

Customer Product Reviews

Product Specifications

Operating Voltage:

+9.8VDC to +15VDC

Absolute Maximum Rating:


Over Voltage:


Reverse Voltage:


Power Consumption:

30mA/3mA (Alarm On/Off)

Size: (W, H, L) (In/cm)

3", 2", 1" / 7.6cm 5.1cm 2.5cm


2 oz. / 56gr.


Molded ABS

Operating Temp.:

-25C to +68C / -12F to +155F

Storage Temp.:

-40C to +85C / -40F to +185F


5% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

Adjustable Speed Limit:

10 - 160 MPH / 15 - 250 KPH

Sensitivity / Resolution:

0.05 MPH / 0.1 KPH


< +/- 0.5%

VSS Input Type:


VSS Input Threshold:


VSS Input Volt. Low:

< 3V

VSS Input Volt. High:

> 6V

VSS Input Noise Rejection:

BI Noise Reduction Circuitry

I wanted to give you some feedback about your Vehicle Speed Alarm. Not too long ago, I visited your website and ordered a VSA.
I want you to know that I am really impressed with this speed monitor / alarm especially the low price!
I am a senior auto mechanic in a Volvo dealership. It only took me about five minutes to install the VSA in my S70. I was searching for something like the VSA for a while so I could have some peace of mind whenever my 20 year old son borrows the car.
I applaud you on this product. Your company offers a simple, easy to install and easy to use device at an incredibly affordable price.
I have already referred some of my co-workers who will be placing orders too. Some of the salesmen in the showroom are going to tell their customers about the VSA too!
Many thanks for your great product.

Paul H.   |   Tuxedo Park, NY   USA                                     December 14, 2002

To: National Motorists Association                  September 28, 2003
      402 West 2nd Street
      Waunakee, WI 53597-1342
Dear NMA editor,
I recently visited your website - ( and noticed an article titled, "Speeding Tickets Summary." The beginning of the article reads: Avoiding Speeding Tickets - The best defense against speeding tickets is to simply obey the speed limits. However, we know that's often easier said than done.
I felt compelled to respond with a brief "testimonial" to tell you and your organization about a simple and effective remedy I found for my own speeding problem.
My Battle with Unintentional Speeding
Not too long ago, I was ticketed for speeding three times in less than two years and temporarily lost my driving license. Yet, I do not consider myself to be a reckless or irresponsible driver. I have been driving for 36 years and have never been involved in an accident!
I realize that, in each and every case, I was not in a rush to get some place. My speeding was a pure and simple case of losing track of how fast I was actually driving. What I needed was some sort of device that could actually warn me any time I inadvertently exceeded the speed limit, even on occasions when my cruise control was set.
Two years ago I found and purchased a remarkable device called the Vehicle Speed Alarm. I found it on website. It is simple, inexpensive, and it really worked for me! I have had no speeding tickets since I installed it in my car. The Vehicle Speed Alarm could be the answer for a lot of other drivers too!

Robert Stone.   |   Altoona, PA                                                  CC: Digitalmor
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